Finger cooking

Boston Pizza gives cooking the finger.


advertiser: Boston Pizza
agency: Taxi
executive CD: Darren Clarke
senior writer: Jono Holmes
senior AD: Niall Kelly
AD: Chad Kabigting
agency producer: Cynthia Heyd
prodco: Hungryman
prodco producer: Shannon Barnes
executive producer: Michelle Lee
cinematographer: André Pienaar
director: Brian Billows
editor: Brian Williams
editing company: Posterboy Edit
compositor: Dominik Bochenski
colourist/transfer: Alter Ego
music house: Grayson Matthews, Tom Westin
group account director: Edith Rosa
account manager: Emma Toth
media agency: PHD
media agency planners: Zoryana Loboyko, Scott Henderson

This spot by Taxi shares Boston Pizza’s idea of the perfect method to minimize the amount of time in the kitchen. It thinks you should give cooking the finger. ‘Finger Cooking with Bill’ shows you exactly how to do that (ordering from Boston Pizza online) so rather than being trapped in your own kitchen nightmare, you could spend time on more worthy pursuits.