In briefs

Stanfield's thinks getting dressed is overrated.


advertiser: Stanfield’s
agency: john st.
CDs: Stephen Jurisic, Angus Tucker
associate CD/copywriter: Chris Hirsch
associate CD/AD: Nellie Kim
agency digital producer: Mavis Huntley
account service: Niki Bartl, Joelle Woodruff
agency digital planner: Tammy Chaisson
prodcos: Secret Location, Hard Citizen
exec producers: James Milward, Jacinte Faria, Eva Preger, Link York
prodco CD: Pietro Gagliano
line producer: CJ Hervey
project manager: Noora Abu Eitah
technical lead: Ryan Andal

In collaboration with Toronto-based John St, Stanfield’s underwear presents ‘The Guy At Home In His Underwear’ for 25 days, all day, everyday. The Guy at Home is a gent named Mark who gets to live out everyone’s dream of never having to get dressed. Lucky for the rest of us, we get to share in Mark’s endeavour. And we should, because its for a worthy cause. Mark is a survivor of testicular cancer and is raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society. You can watch him online here and follow him on Facebook. For every Facebook ‘like’ he gets, $1 goes toward his cause. The trick is, he can’t leave the house at all for the entire 25 days, but at least he gets to start every day with a new pair of Stanfield’s underwear. The goal is $1,000 a day.