People have great eggspectations of their egg farmers.


advertiser: Egg Farmers of Ontario
client supervisor: Janet Hueglin Hartwick, director of public affairs
agency: Agency59
director, strategy: Tina Fernandez
account service: Skyelar Menard
ADs: Mike Sipley, Mike Sundell
copywriter: Paige Tiberio
photographer: Julie Johnson
website: Acro Media
videos: Film Forge Productions
radio: Pirate Radio

Part of the new campaign for Egg Farmers of Ontario, developed by Agency59, this print ad draws from the insight that Ontarians are curious to know more about the people who provide the eggs they eat. The ‘Who made your eggs today?’ effort features eight Ontario egg farm families who share little bits of info about themselves, like why they became egg farmers, family recipes and why, in this case, they’re married to their job. The campaign is centred on a website that provides even more info on the egg farming industry. If you’re curious, we suggest you get cracking.