Fashion forward

The Bay shoots for the top this fall.


advertiser: The Bay
CD, The Bay: Tony Smith
prodco: Crush, Toronto
executive producer: Patty Bradley
producer: Janice Rebelo
design and animation: Stefan Woronko
lead compositor: David Whiteson
compositor: Andres Kirejew
junior compositor: Andre Arevalo
editorial: Poster Boy, Toronto
editor: Mark Paiva
sound design: Apollo Studios
music consultation: Peter Ralphs and Daniel Buckman, Bellosound
song: Fred Falke Remix of Lykke Li’s I’m Good, I’m Gone

This spot, which was created by Toronto-based prodco Crush, promotes The Bay’s new fall fashions, while also furthering its efforts to undergo a fashionable rebrand. It was produced using stills and behind-the-scenes footage from recent high-end photo shoots to create the sense that a fashion editor is picking and choosing the best shots and outfits. Our guess is that fashion editor is really supposed to be the fashion-forward customer. The department store is currently without a creative agency.