Class warfare

In Fable III, all the king's men won't be able to put his statue together again.


advertiser: XBOX, Fable III
agency: AgencyTwoFifteen
executive CDs: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis
ADs: Steve Couture, Jeremy Diessner, Aramis Israel
copywriter: Michael Illick
agency director of integrated production: Tom Wright
agency producer: Alex Spahr
prodcos: Psyop, Smuggler
director: Psyop
psyop CD: Laurent Ledru
executive producer: Neysa Horsburgh
line producer: Alyssa Evans
VFX supervisor/CG lead artist: David Chontos
editor: Brett Nicoletti
storyboard artist: Paul Binkley
zbrush modelers: Rafael Grassetti, Justin Lewers
modelers: Rie Ito, Wendy Klein
rigger: Lee Wolland
pre-visualization: Victor Garza, Ben Liu
lead animator: David Bokser
animators: Victor Garza, Chris Meek, Alejandro Castro
FX artists: Allan Mckay, Ben Fiske
matte painters: Tim Clark, Elias Gonzalez
look dev TD: David Chontos
lead lighter: Denis Kozyrev
light/texture artists: David Chontos, Denis Kozyrev, Katie Yoon, John Cook, Rafael Pratti
compositors: David Chontos, Denis Kozyrev, Katie Yoon
flame artist: Alex Kolasinski
music: Young Men Dead by The Black Angels
mix: Hector Perez, Music Orange; Rohan Young, Lime Studios; Loren Silber, Lime Studios
title animation/graphics: Elastic TV

This trailer, by San Francisco-based AgencyTwoFifteen, for the third instalment of XBox’s Fable series, depicts a kingdom that does not seem to be too happy with its king. We remember seeing a similar statue destroyed, but for the life of us we can’t figure out where. For some reason we feel it sends some kind of strong, subtextual message. Ah well. The soundtrack rocks.