The Gazette drops the word 'Gazette.'


advertiser: The Gazette
agency: Bleublancrouge
CD: Gaƫtan Namouric, Dominique Trudeau
creative team: Martin Dupuis, Andrew Lord, Andrew Morgan
client services: Bernard Asselin, Francis Armstrong, Marianne Poirier
illustrations: Martin Dupuis
agency producer: Lisa Arduini
web production: Marie-Claude Roy
TV prodco: Blast media
web prodco: Five
sound: Audio Z
music: Bam Productions

The ‘Words Matter’ campaign for the Montreal Gazette, developed by Montreal-based Bleublancrouge, keeps on truckin’ and this time the word that has always mattered most to this effort is nowhere to be found. On Oct. 20, the word ‘Gazette’ was dropped from the title to show how recognizable the stalwart paper is. It brought focus to a word that often doesn’t get enough credit: ‘The.’ This new iteration of the campaign includes radio, print, online, OOH and TV ads that use ‘The’ to highlight stories of interest.