Tutu take-away

Ballet BC prefers booty shorts.


advertiser: Ballet BC
CD: Katie Ainsworth
communications strategist: Joanne Turner

Ballet BC had a problem. They had a whole bunch of tutus and needed to get rid of them. Why? Well, you see, they don’t wear them anymore. Since they perform contemporary ballet, they prefer to wear less traditional attire, which includes booty shorts. To help spread the word about their new fashion-forward thinking, they enlisted the help of Katie Ainsworth and Joanne Turner, former partners at Rethink in Vancouver, who organized a Tutu take-away along Seymour Street in Van City. Two hundred tutus were attached to trees and poles with signage and volunteers encouraging passersby to take them. Who, other than ballerinas, would need tutus you ask? Well, to put it in perspective all the tutus were taken in about two hours. Expect to see a lot of ballerinas for Halloween this year.