Catalyst works to ensure that all is equal.


advertiser: Catalyst Canada
agency: Draftfcb
CD: Robin Heisey
copywriters: Marilyn Davis, Sarah Wells
AD: Lauren Miller
agency producers: Kelly Cavanaugh, Judy Hamilton
prodco: Industry Films
director: Jonathan Bensimon
editor: Geoff Ashenhurst
editing Company: Stealing Time Editing
compositor: Rob Fisher
colourist/transfer: Eric Whipp
music house: RMW
account director: Samantha Murphy

This ad for by Draftfcb in Toronto shows that women still face barriers in business today, and many of those barriers might not be visible to the rest of us, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Catalyst’s aim is to break down those barriers once and for all so that women will has as much freedom to move around the workplace as everyone else.