Fast animation

Subaru creates a vehicular flipbook.


advertiser: Subaru Canada
agency: DDB Canada, Toronto
CDs: Andrew Simon, Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto
associate CD: Paul Wallace
copywriter: Daniel Bonder
AD: Yusong Zhang
agency producer: Andrew Schulze
executive producer: Harland Weiss
prodco: OPC
director: Woods and Low
DOPs/cinematographers: James Gardener, Adam Marsden
line producer: Tara Handley
post-production company: AXYZ
compositor: Dave Giles
transfer: Alter Ego
colourist: Wde Odlum
animation studio: Starz
animator: Kevin Adams
audio company: Pirate Toronto
audio director/producer: Chris Tait
sound design: Chris Tait
music: Chris Tait
editing house: Posterboy
editor: Brian Williams

The cool thing about this spot for the Subraru WRX STI, which was created by DDB in Toronto, is that the zoetrope you see is real. It’s the speed at which the car’s driving that makes the 760 hand-drawn frames come to life. That’s definitely one way to exhibit a vehicle’s performance capabilities, as is an animated adventure that pits the car against challenging terrain and a giant robotic crab creature.