Silence is golden

Honda's Odyssey eliminates the question, 'are we there yet?'


advertiser: Honda
agency: Grip Limited
CD: David Crichton
copywriter: Mike Koe
AD: Ben Steele
agency producer: Tamir Moscovici
prodco: Industry Films
director: Jonathan Bensimon
editor: Paul Proulx
editing company: Stealing Time Editing
compositors: Matthew Badiali and Craig Small
colourist: Wade Wade Odlum, Alter Ego
music house: Imprint Music
group account director: Steve Rhind/Melanie Courtois

The tagline to this spot for the Honda Odyssey, developed by Toronto-based Grip, is ‘Perfect for Life’ and we’ll tell you why – any time you’re couped up in a minivan on a family roadtrip with kids and they aren’t screaming, making a fuss or constantly asking when you’re going to get there, we imagine life is pretty perfect. Thank goodness for all the bells and whistles these vehicles carry.


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