Don’t be that guy

Gander Mountain has some useful tips should you get lost without GPS.


advertiser: Gander Mountain
agency: The Richards Group
creatives: Dustin Ballard, Nick Munoz, Mike Renfro
agency producer: Paul Nelson
account managers: Scott Crockett, Trent Walters
prodco: Skunk
executive producers: Matt Factor, Shelly Townsend
producer: Scott Craig
director: Jim Hosking
DoP: Marten Tedin
post production: N2O Editorial
executive producer on Post: Lisa Hill
post producer: Barbara Sanders
editor: Jasyon Limmer

Getting lost without GPS, as this ad for Gander Mountain by Dallas-based The Richards Group shows, can be somewhat horrifying. While there are certain techniques that can help you, the retailer thinks you’d still be better off swinging by to pick up a GPS unit. We’re not sure what’s more horrifying: not having GPS while lost in the woods, or the fact that society is apparently so out of touch with the wilderness that the natural reaction would be to rely on the tactics used in this spot.