3D evolution

Volkswagen's advertising has evolved.


advertiser: Volkswagen Jetta
agency: Red Urban Canada
CD: Christina Yu
ADs: Joel Pylypiw, John Thai
copywriters: Jon Murray, Adam Bailey
producer: David Isaac
account director: Caroline Kilgour
music: Human Worldwide
audio house: Pirate Audio
prodco: 1st Avenue Machine
director: Vinicius Costa
executive producer: Sam Penfield
producer: Leanne Amos
DOP: Dana Christiaasen
3DCG technical advisor: Jonathan Benta
post producer: Crystal Campbell

This spot by Red Urban in Toronto, promoting Volkswagen’s new 2011 Jetta, shows evolution for Volkswagen in two ways. First, how the Jetta itself evolved, starting as a 2D sketch on paper and becoming a real three-dimensional car. It also shows how Volkswagen has evolved its advertising, bringing it into the third dimension as well. This spot, which is airing on TV, is also playing in cinemas in 3D.