The Nissan Juke goes game hunting.


advertiser: Nissan Juke
CCO: Jack Neary
CDs: Mark Mason, Allen Oke, James Ansley
copywriter: Graeme Campbell
AD: Cliff Seto, Mark Mason
agency producer: Nadya MacNeil, Lindsay Hutchison
group account director: Richard Phillips
account director: Trevor Byrne
director: Psyop
prodco: Psyop
psyop CD: Laurent Ledru
VFX: MassMarket
executive producer: Christine Schneider
producer: Leighton Greer
VFX supervisor: Kyle Cassidy
animation supervisor: Dan Vislocky
previz supervisor: Matt Connolly
composite supervisor: Shahana Kahn
modeling supervisor: Andy Kim
matte painting supervisor: Matt Conway

The third installment of the Nissan Juke campaign, by TBWAToronto, again takes place in a not-to-distant future where the Juke exists as a spark of hope in a dark and dystopian time. This latest urban legend tells of how the Juke came by its unique centre console, a trophy from a harrowing encounter where it turned the tables once again.