No soup for you

The Salvation Army pulls a fast one on grocery shoppers for Christmas.


advertiser: Salvation Army
agency: Grey Canada
CD: Carl Jones
copywriters: Neal Khosla, Chris Tropak
AD: Rick Mayzis
producer: David Smith
prodco: Holiday Films
director: Wayne Craig
editor: Steve Manz, Relish
audio production: Tom Goudie, Pirate

This video goes behind the scenes to show the making of a spot to promote the Salvation Army’s Christmas donation drive. Working with Grey Canada, the Sally Ann wanted to show Torontonians how people feel when basic necessities are out of reach. It’s frustrating and that’s exactly how the customers of a grocery store felt when, during regular business hours, the Sally Ann emptied the soup aisle of the store save for one box that was conveniently (not so much for the shoppers) out of reach.