Original prankster

Nothing feeds the soul like photography, poetry and pranks.

Legendary commercial photographer Bert Bell feeds his creative drive through the staging of monumental pranks. Here’s how he tells one:

‘I would put two cardboard boxes up against the front of my receptionist’s desk, one of which a hole was cut out of the back of big enough to put my head through. Then, I would get under the desk and put my head into the box with the hole in it. Next, my receptionist would cover my head with tissue paper and fold the top of the box closed and we would wait for the next person to walk through the door. When he or she came in my receptionist would be on the phone saying something like, “No, sir, I’m sure we sent it back to you this morning. All right, if you’ll hang on I’ll look in the box that’s still here.” Then she’d ask the person, “Excuse me, would you mind looking in the larger of those two boxes and tell me if there’s a teapot in it?’ The guy would open the box and lift the tissue paper off my face and I would just move my head slightly, open my eyes and groan. I swear, I would sometimes see the bottoms of their shoes they would jump so high, screaming at the top of their lungs.’

This week’s Frandoms are by Jack Neary at TBWAToronto.