Love hate relationship

Wirelesswave knows how you feel about your phone is a matter of perspective.


advertiser: Wirelesswave
agency: Grey Vancouver
CD: Alan Russell
associate CD: Geoff Dawson
AD: Leah Moy
copywriter: Geoff Dawson
VP, group account director: Maya Lange
account director: Genevieve Louden
senior account executive: Quinten Ingham
prodco: AdPlay Media/Ameland Films
director: Kyle Davison
producers: Mar Andersons, Paul Armstrong
sound: Post Modern Sound, GGRP Sound
editorial: Sunset Edit Visual
effects: Image Engine

This spot developed for Wirelesswave by Grey Vancouver illustrates the relationships people have with their old, grotty phones versus their new shiny ones. You hate the old one and love the new one. Everyone can relate because deep down we’re all suckers for shiny objects…are we right? The ad looks at things from the phone’s perspective, and after watching it you can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the old phone because, man, it gets the living sh*t kicked out of it. We’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we realize that cell phones are, in fact, not alive.