Snow virgin

Virgin Mobile's snowman doesn't get out much.


advertiser: Virgin Mobile
agency: Juniper Park
executive CDs: Terry Drummond, Alan Madill
CD: Christina Gliha
copywriter: Rica Eckersley
AD: Adam Thur
account director: Leah Ouellet
account executive: Stephanie Lagopoulos
agency producer: Sharon Kosokowsky
prodco: Steam Films
director: Benji Weinstein
producer: Gillian Marr
DOP: Brendan Steacy
editorial company: School Editing
editor: Jackie Roda
SPX/animation: Tantrum
animation: Dominik Bochenski/Creative Director
audio house: Pirate Audio/Chris Tait, Engineer – Spencer Hall, Stock Music track
print photographer: John Londono
print production house: Rodeo Production
media buy: Wills & Co.

Juniper Park tells Virgin Mobile’s holiday story using some familiar characters that you see around the house only once a year: cheesy holiday ornamnets. In this case, the snowman trapped in the snowglobe and the penguin discuss Virgin’s no-commitment contracts for Android smartphones. It would seem that the snowman, being trapped in a snowglobe for forty years and all, has a bit of cabin fever. The penguin has no excuse.