Not totally Toronto

Batelco makes Bahrain look a lot like TO.


agency: FP7/BAH, Bahrain
CD: Fadi Yaish
AD: Gautam Wadher, Fadi Yaish
copywriter: Aunindo Anoop
senior acccount director: Mohammed Sabra
prodcos: Spy Films & City Films

This really cool spot for Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco), developed by Bahrain-based FP7/BAH and shot by Spy Films, focuses on how the company can bring ideas to life by letting loose the imagination of a little boy. Ah, to be young again. Clearly shot in Toronto but supposed to be set in Bahrain, the city is awash with all sorts of magical and technological wonders and generally wicked-cool CGI effects. Not that we aren’t thankful for where we live, but we wish Toronto was actually this cool. Unfortunately, no amount of imagination will ever make it so.


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