Holiday heimlich

War Child uses sarcasm to prove its point this holiday season.


advertiser: War Child Canada
agency: John St.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
writer: Simon Bruyn
AD: Andrew Livingston
account manager: Zoe Baines
producer: Dale Giffen
digital producer: Cas Ward
prodco: OPC
executive producer: Harland Weiss
line producer: Dwight Phipps
director: Jon Barber
DoP: Doug Koch
editor: Jonathan Eagan
transfer: Notch
online post: 567vfx
audio house: Vapor Music Group
audio director: Joey Serlin
audio engineer: Julian Rudd
casting house: Fade To Black

You know all those crappy holiday gifts you get? The ones you toss to the back of your closet, or stow away in the deepest, darkest corner of your basement and forget about? Horrible holiday gifts don’t save lives. But War Child’s do. That’s why it had John St. develop this video as part of a campaign promoting, a place where you can go and buy gifts that will make a world of difference to a family in a third world country.