Postmodern X-mas architecture

Acura thinks holiday excess can be a little much.


advertiser: Acura
agency: RP&, Santa Monica
executive CD: John Hage
head of art: Phillip Squier
AD: Stan Toyama
copywriter: Rich Siegel
senior agency producer: Carolyn Casey
executive producer: Jack Epsteen
prodco: Chelsea Pictures
director: Rick LeMoine
executive producer: Alison Amon
line producer: Melinda Nugent
DoP: Manel Ruiz
production designer: Michael Broaddus
editorial: Arcade Edit
editor: Paul Martinez
producer: Ali Reed
asst. editor: Andy Trecki
telecine: Mark Gethin, MPC
on-line/VFX: Mark Holden
music: Hum
executive producer: Debbi Landon
composer: Keith Horn
CD: Alex Kemp
mix: Bob Gremore & Bruce Bueckert, Juice Studios

As this ad for Acura by Santa Monica-based agency RP& shows, some people go a little overboard during the holidays. So much so that it’s bordering on being Hannibal Lecter-ish. Had enough of over-indulgence? Acura thinks you should test-drive one of its cars during its ‘Season of Reason’ event. We’re sure they’ll tell you an even more resonable person would buy one, which, of course, wouldn’t be as over the top as a crazy ’60s postmodern gingerbread house.