Asics help you shed weight and words.


advertiser: Asics
agency: Vitro, San Diego
executive CD: John Vitro
CDs: KT Thayer, Mike Brower
copywriter: Elliot Allen
ADs: David Reyes, Kevin Lukens
director: Bruno Aveillan
post: WIZZ
production: Believe
director of broadcast: Mickey Strider
group account director: Michael Catanzaro
account supervisor: Danielle Chalin

This print ad and TV spot by San Diego-based Vitro for Asics shows how the brand is kind of like Deepak Chopra if he were a sports apparel line, or Chicken Soup for the Soul: it helps you better yourself by getting rid of negativity. As the campaign tagline says, ‘Sport releases more than just sweat.’ In this case it’s a lot of downbeat words like ‘anger,’ ‘doubt,’ and ‘angst.’ Asics, apparently, is your moderately priced gateway to attaining self-improvement, which you can access with a quick trip to your local Foot Locker.