Anachronistic city

Hyundai drives into a city stuck in time.


advertiser: Hyundai
agency: Innocean, Huntington Beach
executive CD: Jeff Spiegel
CDs: Doug James, Robert Prins
sr. copywriter: Steve O’Brien
sr. AD: Tom Gibson
agency producer: Shelley Eisner
head of production: Will Woollett
director: Jim Jenkins
prodco: O Positive
executive producer: Ralph Laucella
executive producer: Marc Grill
DoP: Paul Laufer
editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
editor: Angus Wall
post producer: Esther Gonzales
music/sound design: Stimmung
composer: Marc Bianchi
sound designer: Gus Koven
producer: Ceinwyn Clark
audio post: Lime Studios
mixer: Loren Silber
telecine: Company 3
colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
online/VFX: A52
VFX supervisor: Patrick Murphy
VFX supervisor: Megan Meloth
flame artist: Jesse Monsour

This spot for the Hyundai Sonata by Innocean Worldwide out of Huntington Beach shows a city where everyone settled for the first thing that came along. Thus, it’s filled with things like brick (the Zack Morris) cellphones, zeppelins and silent films. If we all were to settle, says the announcer, then we would never have the Sonata, which is why when it drives through Anachronistic City, it’s the next best thing to a UFO sighting.