Art in the machine

Watch a computer draw better than you.

There’s always something slightly unnerving about seeing a computer perform humanistic traits such as drawing – even though we understand it is mathematical algorithms behind the creation of the lines. The man behind the project, William Ngan, writes, ‘You are right that code is a mechanical thing, but the thoughts behind the code aren’t mechanical at all. These days I’m quite critical to my earlier works where I just code to see if things will turn ‘beautiful’ accidentally – I think it’s the wrong approach. I want to think beyond ‘visual effects’ and explore more about ‘spiritual resonance.’ That’s why I’m going back to simple visual elements – it’s kind of a meditative exercise.’

His talk on this subject at the Lovebytes Digital Art Festival, Museum of Sheffield, UK, can be found here.

This week’s Frandoms are by Richard Ho at Publicis.