More than a chair

Raising the Roof wants to change perceptions about homeless youth.


advertiser: Raising the Roof
agency: Leo Burnett
CDs: Judy John, Lisa Greenberg
copywriter: Steve Persico
AD: Anthony Chelvanathan
agency producer: Franca Piacente
photographer: Frank Hoedl
print producers: Gladys Bachand, Kimberley Burchiel
art buyer: Leila Courey
account director: Natasha Dagenais
account planning: Brent Nelsen, Ian Westworth
director: Laurence Thrush
DP: Gary Young
production producers: Geoff Cornish/Erica Parks
prodco: Suneeva
music house: Grayson Matthews
music director: Dave Sorbara & Tom Westin
voice director: Karen Goora
editing: Panic and Bob
editor: Mariam Fahmy
exec. producer: Sam McLaren
colourist: Chuck @ Notch
online chair: Andrew Hobbs @ Panic and Bob Online
online producer: Bobbi Dedman
online plant & potato: Andre Arevalo @ Crush
online producer: Patty Bradley
retoucher: Image Dynamics

The point being made in this commercial for Toronto-based charity Raising the Roof is quite clear: homeless youth have potential. Developed by Leo Burnett, the ad aims to raise awareness about homeless youth with the goal of changing people’s perceptions about them, noting that if people can see the fixer-upper potential of a street-side chair, why can’t they see the potential in a displaced kid?