Game face

Adidas goes 'All in.'


advertiser: Adidas
agency: Sid Lee
production agency: Jimmy Lee.TV
post-production: Jimmy Lee.TV, Vision Globale
production house: 75
director: Romain Gavras
DOP: André Chemetoff
second director: Kim Chapiron
BTS director: Toumani Sangaré
executive producers: Yuki Suga, Amy Miranda
line producer: Sybil Esterez
production coordinator: Rosine Chauvin
grading: Bertrand Duval
editors: Jono Griffith, Walter Mauriot
sound mix and studio: Marco Casanova, JérĂ´me Gonthier and Boogie Studio
music: Justice Civilization
photographer: Cheryl Dunn (Commune Images) and Mark Oblow (Studio 35)
production integration: Sid Lee Technologies
director/editor: Jason Zada
prodco: Lunch
development: Domani Studios
sound design: Six Degrees

This 60-second ad for Adidas, which the company calls ‘One Brand Anthem,’ is part of a global campaign that brings together all three lines of Adidas’ businesses to be told in one story for the first time ever. Developed by Sid Lee, the campaign focuses on the idea of going ‘All in,’ using the insight that young people are uber-passionate about the things they’re interested in, always going all in. The creative, particularly this spot, uses the idea that no matter what you’re doing – sport, style or street-wise – when people find themselves in an ultimate moment of accomplishment, they share a similar ‘game face.’ This campaign is certainly not lacking in intensity.