Cheese anthem

DFC knows that cheese eaters come in all shapes and sizes.


advertiser: Dairy Farmers of Canada
agency: TAXI Montreal
media: M2 Universal
excutive CDs: Stéphane Charier, Dominic Trudeau
CD/writer: Brian Gill
strategic planning: Sean Saraq, Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet
client service: Marie-Claude Céré, Marie-Hélène Rivard
ADs: Jean-Luc Dion, Rémi Paquet
photographer: David De Stefano
print producer: Sophie Carrières
mac artist: Eric Lefebvre
electronic producer: Émilie Trudeau-Rabinowicz
prodco: Four Zero One
line producer: Geneviève Cayer
executive producer: Philippe Lalande
director: Arni Thor Jonsson
post-production: Four Zero One and Vision Globale
music: Apollo
sound studio: La Majeure

Created by Taxi for the Dairy Famers of Canada, this spot is a tribute to all the different kinds of cheese eaters out there – the Stretcher, the Digger and the Twirler to name a few. It notes that despite many differences, everyone loves cheese. It’s tasty and goes well in a variety of recipes, some of which are featured in the spot to give mom ideas.