Hot tub river

Muscle Milk gets women into your hot tub river.


advertiser: Muscle Milk
agency: Pereira & O’Dell
CCO: PJ Pereira
CDs: Robert Lambrechts, Jason Apaliski
executive producer: Jeff Ferro
ACD/AD: Lauren Godfrey
copywriter: Ross Cavin
AD: Chris Adams
producer: Jonathan Matthews
account director: Ryan Toland
strategy: Jasmine Summerset, Joshua Brandau
prodco: Skunk
director: Jim Hosking
executive producer: Shelly Townsend
line producer: Merrie Wasson
production designer: Barry Chusid
DOP: Martin Tedin
editorial partner: Arcade Edit
editor: Greg Scruton
executive producer: Deanne Mehling
producer: Amburr Farls
assistant editor: Hillary Ruggiano
telecine partner: New Hat
colorist: Beau Leon
finish partner: Airship Post
online artist: Chris Homel
executive producer: Deanne Mehling
producer: LaRue Anderson
assistant: Hillary Ruggiano
music partner: Mophonics
creative director: Stephan Altman
composers: Sons of Radio
producer: Colette Huemer
graphics partner: Laundry!
owners/creative directors: PJ Richardson, Tony Liu
executive producer: Michael Bennett
talent: Host, Jonathan Kite and sound guy, Matthew Cardarople

This spot for the protein drink Muscle Milk, by San Francisco-based Pereira & O’Dell, features a sit-down between all-star MLB left fielder Ryan Braun and the host of the pretend You, Your Awesome Body and You Show. The host insinuates that drinking Muscle Milk after a workout will help to shape your body for the better and women will want to get into your hot tub river. Whatever that means. Dude’s crazy.