A really big shoe

CREA can find a house for anybody.


advertiser: The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
agency: CP+B Canada
executive CD: Aaron Starkman
associate CDs: Gerald Kugler, Mark Puchala
AD: Mark Puchala
copywriter: Gerald Kugler
prodco: Radke Films
director: Blue Source
executive producer: Scott Mackenzie
line producer: Mark Hall
DOP: Eduardo Martinez
editing co: SCHOOL Editing
editor: John Devries
assistant editor: Lauren Horn
service production company: Kinema Films, Mexico
audio company: RMW
audio producer: Ted Rosnick
VFX company: Dashing Collective
VFX supervisor: Robert Maggach
VFX producer: Mary Anne Ledesma
agency producer: Alina Prussky
group account director: Lynda Torneck
account director: Leslie Hunter
cognitive anthropologist: J.J. Sullivan

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. What do you think happened when she had to move? As this ad developed by CP+B Canada shows, she went to CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) for help finding a new home. And after living in such a tiny shoe, with so many kids that it felt like a zoo, CREA came through for the woman, and they did so real quick. Now she lives in a much larger shoe and it’s made out of brick.  


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