Touch the rainbow

Skittles presents one arresting video.


advertiser: Skittles
agency: BBDO Toronto
writer: Chris Joakim
AD: Mike Donaghey
CDs: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi.
account management: Chitty Krishnappa, Bhreagh Rathbun
producer: Ann Caverly
marketing management: Dan Alvo, Laura Amantea, Thomas Tse
directors: Woods & Low
prodco: FamilyStyle
executive producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden
producer: Dwight Phipps
DoP: Vinit Borrison
editorial: Griff Henderson, Posterboy Edit
online producer: Amy Miranda – Lunch
online programming/FX: Pixel Pushers
media: OMD
seeding: Denizen

Skittles has often asked people to taste the rainbow. Now it wants them to touch it and it’s figured out a way to do it. Sort of. This ‘interactive’ online video by BBDO asks people to touch their computer screens so that their finger can become a player in the story. It may not be actually touching a rainbow, but it’s something.