Sense of direction

Real men don't support sex slavery.


advertiser: DNA Foundation
director: Keith Schofield
prodco: Caviar
CDs: Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore
executive producer: Madeline Shapiro
producer: Gabe Reiter
DoP: Damian Acevedo
production designer: George Stahl
prodco: CMS Productions
editorial company: BUTCHER
editor: Teddy Gersten
producer: Chrissy Hamilton
executive producer: Rob Van
audio prodco: Location Sound Corp
mixer: Carrie Sheldon

This campaign was crafted by the creative minds of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and features a lot of celebs including the likes of Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper and Isaiah Mustafa, who appears in this one. Advocating against sex slavery, the tagline is ‘Real men don’t buy girls.’ The spots show what real men do and have, like a sense of direction. Mustafa’s awesomeness apparently extends past his Old Spice ads.