Pay attention

The CDA wants you to look closely.


advertiser: Canadian Dental Association
agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver
CDs: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell
copywriter: Neil Shapiro
AD: Chris Moore
agency producer: Sue Bell
account manager: Scott Barr
film company: Epoch Films, Suneeva
director: Jessica Sanders
DoP: Nicole Whittaker
line producer: Mary Livingston
post-production Co: JMB Post
editor: Daniel Pruger
post facility: JMB Post
animator/SFX: Randy Egan
audio company: Wave Productions
recording studio: Wave Productions
audio house producer: Craig Zarazun
audio house engineer: Craig Warrian
casting agent: Good People Casting
colourist: Randy Egan

Puppies are cute, but as this clever spot by DDB in Vancouver for the Canadian Dental Association points out, sometimes it’s the things that don’t jump out at you at first that actually require the most attention. If you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be easy to miss.