Carl’s anthem

Carl's Jr. tells it like it is.


advertiser: Carl’s Jr.
agency: David&Goliath
CCO: David Angelo
executive CD: Colin Jeffery
CDs: John Battle, Jason Karley
associate CD: Phil Covitz
executive producer, managing director: Carol Lombard
executive producer: Paul Albanese
prodco: Arts & Sciences
director: Matt Aselton
executive producer: Marc Marrie
line producer: Eric Sedorovitz
DoP: Toby Irwin
editorial: Arcade Edit
editor: Geoff Hounsell
executive producer: Deanne Mehling
senior producer: Ali Reed
assistant editor: Will Hasell
telecine: Company 3
colorist: Mike Pethel
post production: Brickyard
VFX supervisor: George Fitz
head of production: Diana Young
music: Beacon Street Studios
composers: Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau
senior producer: Adrea Lavezzoli
sound design: ON Music and Sound
sound designer: Chris Winston
audio mix: Beacon Street Studios
mixer: Paul Hurtubise

In this spot  for Carl’s Junior by LA-based David&Goliath, employees of the QSR explai its philosophy: it believes in burgers. Probably not the earth-shattering revelation you were expecting, huh? Nonetheless, we bet that after watching this ad you’ll want to eat a burger from Carl’s Jr.