Homes within homes

TalkTalk connects toys, trinkets and cuckoo birds.


Agency: CHI & Partners
executive CD: Warren Moore
creatives: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson
TV producer: David Jones
planner: Sarah Clark
account handlers: Susie Shing, Olivia MacLachlan
prodco: Stink
director: Adam Berg
producer: Ben Croker
exec producer: Blake Powell
production manager: Kate Wynborne
DoP: Linus Sandgren
editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim Editing
post: Glassworks
sound: Sam Ashwell, 750mph

This spot for British telco TalkTalk, developed by London-based Chi & Partners, shows how the brand makes homes brighter for everyone. And they mean everyone. If you’re a lonely housewife living in a dollhouse, or a melancholy superhero living in a cardboard castle, TalkTalk has a way to get you connected to those you love.