Kitty and Lala

Intel bridges the generation gap in China.


advertiser: Intel
agency: Amsterdam Worldwide
executive CD: Richard Gorodecky
senior copywriters: Martin Beswick, Gillian Glendinning
AD: Daniel Peiron
copywriter: Karen Cardy
producers: Jordan Kelly, Annabel van Ditmer
account team: Hazel Livingstone, Desislava Staykova
prodco: Sun Her Village Media
executive prodcuers: Wen Ni, Shuping Qiu
shoot prodco: The Bag Ladies
executive producer (shoot): Kelvin Mak
line producer: Jane Zheng
director: Qiao Li
composer: Julian Langdon
DoP: Juilen Deldyck
offline editing: The Bag Ladies
online & flame: Vision Unit
audio post production: Keith Thomas, Alchemy Post

There is a generation gap in China between parents and children that spans the traditional and the technological. Young people in China are the harbingers of change while their parents represent what was. This is definitley the case for Kitty and Lala, the owners and operators of a wedding photo business reliant on new techs to provide customers with top-notch photos. Being a global technology brand, you can bet that Intel’s fingerprints are all over the Chinese technological revolution. Kitty and Lala are evidence of that. This short film by Amsterdam Worldwide shows the diverse, personal and emotional role that technology plays in their lives and, by extension, the lives of many young people in China.