Anything goes

Nordica doesn't tell you what to do.


advertiser: Nordica
agency: Agency59
CCO: Brian Howlett
CW: Paige Tiberio
AD: Chad Burnie
director Strategy: Tina Fernandez
account director: Karen Tam
account executive: Skyelar Menard
photographer: Ian Campbell
production supervisors: Jared Smith, Bruce Forty

You know what chocolate syrup goes great with? We bet that of all the things that popped into your head when you thought about it, cottage cheese probably wasn’t one of them. Gay Lea Foods is hoping to change that. The image above is part of a new print and OOH campaign, developed by Toronto-based Agency59, promoting its Nordica brand cottage cheese. It positions cottage cheese as the healthy option that doesn’t tell you how to eat and doesn’t judge, because it goes with anything.