Volkswagen helps you mull over life-changing events.


advertiser: Volkswagen
agency: Red Urban Canada
CD: Christina Yu
AD: Christina Yu, Damian Simev
copywriters: Matt Syberg-Olsen, Jon Taylor
agency producer: David Isaac
account supervisor: Sonia Ruckemann
account director: Caroline Kilgour
director: Jean-Michel Ravon
prodco: Untitled Films
DP: John Houtman
executive producer: Lexy Kavluk
line producer: Tuula Hopp
editorial: Rooster Post Production
editor: Paul Jutras
assistant editor: Yumi Suyama
colourist: Eric Whipp @ Alter Ego
online/VFX: Track & Field VFX
flame artists: Ernie Mordak, Andrew Rolfe
music/sound house: Apollo Studios
producer: Didier Toval
“Courage” music track: Just Like Honey by Jesus & Mary Chain
“Time” music track: Keep The Lights On by Wave Machines.
co-prods: Carling Doubt, Angelina Milanovic
engineer: Brad Nelson
assist engineer: Harry Knazen

As this spot for the Volkswagen Golf shows, the vehicle gives you something to do when you’re preparing to do something even bigger. The ad, by Red Urban Canada, is the first of two in VW’s new ‘Drive Until…’ campaign. In this one, featuring the tagline ‘Drive until you have courage,’ a guy is driving repeatedly around the block until he works up the nerve to ask his girlfriend to marry him. In the second one, the same guy drives around with his buddies on the night before the wedding. The tagline reads ‘Drive until you have time.’ VW is asking Canadians to assist in determining the next chapter of the campaign by helping Red Urban through the creative and production process involved in making the next commercial.