Scouts was the first Facebook.


advertiser: Scouts Canada
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
writer: Randy Diplock
ADs: Randy Diplock, Dax Fullbrook
director: Randy Diplock
agency producer: Cindy Wadden
account manager: Jennifer Pittman
Account Director: Laurelyn Berry
editor: Jason Grebski
post facility: Rooster/Track & Field
music: Eric Harry Music

This ad for Scouts Canada by St. John’s-based Target wants to help parents peel kids away from the computer screen and introduce them to the real world by recruiting them. It shows that the act of friending was around long before Facebook, pointing out that Scouts was the original social network for kids. So, not only do kids get to make new friends, but they get to do it while engaged in fun activities like roasting marshmallows.