No monster is too big or too small for Terminix.


advertiser: Terminix
agency: Publicis Dallas
executive CD: Shon Rathbone
group CD: Julia Melle
CD/copywriter: Steve Grimes
CD/AD: Pete Voehringer
producer: Jaime Roderer
account director: Rick Rogers
prodco: Blacklist
executive producers: Adina Sales, Andrew Linsk
producer: Michael Neithardt
associate producer: Patrick Gantert
direction and art direction: Dvein
design and character development: Dvein
producer: Esther de Udaeta
post production: Dvein
post production/VFX team: Vando
audio record & mix: HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen and Infinia, Marc Gonell
sound design: HECQ, Ben Lukas Boysen

This Terminix spot, developed by Publicis in Dallas, equates tiny termites with large, multi-mouthed creatures that love eating the support beams in your house. The point is that despite their small size, termites can cause structural damage akin to what would happen if this monster got into your basement. The difference is that the mouthy monster is much easier to spot.