Mini multiples

The Mini Countryman can do the splits.


advertiser: Mini
agency: BSUR, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CCOs: Jason Schragger, Paulo Martins
AD: Rolando Cordova, Ben Tucker
copywriters: Gian Carlo Lanfranco, Rob Phillips
agency producer: Corey Bartha
planner: Stein Janssen
account manager: Thijs Van Dam
account supervisor: Mia Drexl-Schegg
prodco Company: Smuggler
director: Brian Beletic
sound design: Brian Emrich.
post production: Sway Studio
computer graphics: SWAY Studios

The Mini Countryman is a versatile car. So versatile, in fact, that it can clone itself in order to show all the different situations in which it works. Not only can it clone itself, but it can also reform with its clones at will (keeps the clutter manageable). Skeptical? check out this ad for the vehicle c/o Amsterdam-based BSUR.