Keith's dares you to share.



advertiser: Keith’s
agency: Publicis Toronto
ECD: Duncan Bruce
AD: Kenneth Fothergill
CD/writer/producer: Pat Pirisi
account directors: Carlo D’Ercole, Gino Cantalini
prodco: Sons/Daughters
director: Tim Hamilton
DoP: Doug Koch
editorial company: Rooster
editor: Mick Griffin
producer: Melissa Kahn
audio prodco: RMW
studio: RMW

Sharing isn’t always caring. As demonstrated by this ad for Alexander Keith’s, developed by Publicis in Toronto, some things are made to share and your buddy’s girlfriend isn’t one of them. That could lead to an extremely awkward situation and probably a night on the couch. There are swinger clubs for that sort of thing. Sharing a Keith’s with your buddy is, however, totally okay. As the tagline at the end of the commercial says, ‘It’s made to share.’