The American Airforce is very forward-thinking.



advertiser: U.S. Air Force
agency: GSD&M Idea City
executive CD: Tom Gilmore
CD/AD: Christopher Colton
CD/copywriter: Travis Wade
executive producer: Karen Jacobs
producers: Natalie Lum Freedman, Aaron Kovan
prodco: MJZ
director: Phil Joanou
producer: Paul Mannix
VFX: MassMarket
executive producer: Christine Schneider
producer: Blythe Dalton
VFX supervisors: John Shirley, Chris Sage, Andrew Park
matte painter: Andrew Park
lead technical Director: Chris Sage
lead flame: John Shirley
flame: Sarah Eim, Katrina Salicrup, Todd Hemsley
flame assistant: Jodi Tyne
lead desktop compositor: Lane Jolly
compostiors: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith, Shahana Khan
previz: Zee Meyers, Gary Abrahamian
modeler: Wendy Klein
rigger: Josh Burton
animators: Josh Delaney, Taryn McLaughlin
texture: Wendy Klein
lighters: Greg Gangemi, Stephen Delalla, Mike Fisher
roto: Krystal Chinn
trackers: Mark Lipsmeyer, Colin Cromwell, Jason Locke
GFX: Joseph Chan
particles: Allan McKay, Ben Fiske, Wayne Hollingsworth , Mike Fisher
3D lead: Chris Sage
editorial company: Arcade Editorial
editor: Paul Martinez
assistant editor: Andy Trecki
executive producer: Carolina Wallace
telecine Company: CO3
colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

For the American Airforce the future is now. This spot, developed by Austin, Texas-based GSD&M Idea City, shows the fly boys and girls on a recue mission in a not-too-distant, disaster-ridden future, saving people from a collapsing bridge. The ad goes on to show that though the Airforce’s capabilities may seem a product of science fiction, they’re not as futuristic as one might think.