Canada's Wonderland brings its mountain to life.

To celebrate its 30th birthday, Canada’s Wonderland decided to add a little bit of colour to its park. Working with Toronto-based Tantrum Design, it lit up its famous mountain with 2D motion designs and 3D animations, bringing it alive at night time, treating park-goers to visuals including rainbows, volcanoes and dragons.



advertiser: Canada’s Wonderland Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
manager, technical & event services: Doug McBoyle
area manager, technical events and services: Danusia Rogacki
general manager: Raffi Kaprelyan
prodco: Tantrum Design
CD: Dominik Bochenski
executive producer: Cheyenne Bloomfield
technical directors: Kyle Sim, Dominik Wojtarowicz
lead 3D: Bill Davidson, Kyle Sim, Dominik Wojtarowicz, James Higuchi, Edward Deng
lead 2D: Vanessa Chia, Luca Rocchi
editor: James Reid
dragon animation: Kim Leow, Jimmy Gill
3D artists: Andrew Chiu, Ray Faenza, Gabriel Lopez, Ralph Sevazlian, Peter Mai
additional compositing: Mike MacInnis
production co-ordinator: Caitlin Schooley
sound design/FX: Apollo Music, Brad Nelson and Harry Knazan
3D tricks music: Dirty Deeds, Didier Tovel
seasons, light show and finale, Music: Graeme Miller
lighting designer: Joel Weiss
projection supplier: Christie Digital, Dave Muscat, Geoff Chick and Kyle Killing