Spelling it out

B2ten and Canadian Sport for Life want kids to get active.

B2ten and Canadian Sport for Life wanted to make a point about the need to get Canadian kids to be more active, so they figured what better way to do it than to get kids to spell it out themselves. This spot, developed by Dare Vancouver, features a bunch of youngsters creating live infographics to illustrate the facts about child fitness. The facts are somewhat alarming. Though fitness can be a simple matter of fun and games, combating child lethargy is something to take seriously.


advertisers: B2ten / Canadian Sport for Life
agency: Dare, Vancouver
CDs: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
copywriter: Bryan Collins
AD: Rob Sweetman
producer: Mike Hasinoff
account supervisors: Marcel Da Silva, Jonathan Longworth
prodco: Blacklist
director: Cisma
executive producer: Adina Sales
producer: Karen Lawler
DoP: Marc Laliberte-Else
editor: Matthew Griffiths
post-production: Cycle Media
executive producer: Tom Murray
sound: Vapor Music
executive producer: Lindsey Bates
CD: Joey Serlin
sound engineers: Julian Rudd, Andrew Harris
licensing: Vapor Music
song: Freelance Whales, “Generator (First Floor)”