Bubblegum love

Young people "heart" MTV International.

MTV International wanted to create a spot expressing the emotions of “first love” felt by viewers who discover its content pieces for the first time. The result was this cutesy-wutesy spot, developed by MTV World Design Studio Milan, featuring a young girl frolicking around a fantastic landscape replete with flying hearts and butterflies. The technical production, directed by prodco Blacklist’s David Lobser, is quite good and certainly gets across the idea that the young lady is truly enamoured with the things she discovers in the very pink land. That being said, we’re not sure that we would associate hearts and butterflies with programs like Jersey Shore. If that’s how kids feel when they watch that show, we weep for our youth. Is it just us, or is there a ton of sexual innuendo in this? There’s something up with those winged hearts.


advertiser: MTV
agency: MTV World Design Studio Milan
CD: Roberto Bagatti
ACD: Anna Caregnato
AD: Carlos Carrasco
producer: Cristina Mazzocca
prodco: Blacklist
director: David Lobser
executive producer: Adina Sales
producer: Rachel Walchak
associate producer: Patrick Gantert
animation studio: HiFi 3D
executive producer & CG supervisor: Jon Dorfman
executive producer & CG supervisor: Szymon Weglarski
lead character animation: Michael Sime
additional animation: Jon Dorfman
lead 3D modeler: Jon Dorfman
additional 3D modeling: Kzysztof Fus, David Lobser
lead rigger: Jon Dorfman
additional rigging: Krzysztof Fus
lead lighting/surfacing/compositing: Szymon Weglarski
additional lighting/surfacing/composting: David Lobser
dynamics/fluid simulation: Jon Dorfman, David Lobser
Previs: Szymon Weglarski
music composed by: Alan Boorman