The birdy dozen

African penguins have invaded the Toronto Zoo.
Zoo Penguins

The Toronto Zoo has 12 new reasons why you should visit: 12 endangered African penguins. That’s 12 times the awesome, in our opinion. Penguins rock. To promote the zoo’s endangered African penguin exhibit Toronto-based Lowe Roche developed three TV spots, which playfully educate people about particular penguin features like in the above, where they have problems playing Roshambo. Check out the other two spots below.


advertiser: Toronto Zoo
agency: Lowe Roche
VP/CD: Mark Biernacki
ACDs: Sean Ohlenkamp, Rob Sturch
prodco: Head Gear Animation
director: Steve Angel
executive producer: Andria Minott
producer: Kathryn Rawson
animators: Nick Fairhead, Ivan Neveu
compositors: Nick Fairhead, Ivan Neveu