Mano a mano in el bano

Mustafa vs. Fabio. Let the best Old Spice Guy win.
old spice

So it’s come to this. After a few ads proclaiming his intent to replace Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice Guy, usurper and New Old Spice Guy hopeful Fabio finally challenged Mustafa to a duel. Mustafa, who fell off the grid for a while, reappeared to accept Fabio’s challenge. (Check out the challenges below.) Old Spice fans can now visit the brand’s YouTube channel to vote for either Team Old Spice Guy or Team Fabio to determine which Old Spice Guy will reign supreme. The campaign for votes has seen both Mustafa and Fabio responding to the same tweets (below) in another viral DR campaign developed by Wieden + Kennedy Portland. It might not be the kind of duel everyone was hoping for but we guess it’s better than nothing.

Fabio’s challenge

Mustafa’s response

A Twitter response from Fabio

A Twitter response from Mustafa


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