Breaking routine

Tetley changes the status quo.
tetley 2

Tetley Infusions are all about helping people break from routine. The brand has decided to drive this point home by conducting routine experiments – not experiments done routinely, but experiments that tinker with people’s daily routines, in case you were wondering. The first is featured in the above video where Tetley sends a platoon of personal butlers to act as human shopping carts for people at a random grocery store. Note: when conducting routine experiments, reactions may vary.


advertiser: Tetley Infusions
agency: john st.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
copywriter: Kurt Mills
AD: Kyle Lamb
agency producer: Mavis Huntley
account service: Rena Bast, Joelle Woodruff
brand experience/planning: Allison Coggins, Shari Walczak
director: Hard Citizen
prodco: Hard Citizen
exec producer: Jacinte Faria
head of production: Nick Sorbara
line producer: Nick Sorbara
DoP: Gurjeet Mann
editorial: Chris Murphy, Relish
audio house: Grayson Matthews

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