Fred and Ginger

Lulu Guinness likes lips.
lulu guiness

Lulu Guinness commissioned director Vicky Mather to make this ad for Lulu’s debut collection for Spring/Summer 2011. In stop motion, it tells a love story of sorts, playing off of contemporary British style and culture: two pieces of Lulu’s luggage go vacationing and smooching together in Paris. They also engage in what appears to be some sort of Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers-esque dance number. But Fred and Ginger were much more limber.


advertiser: Lulu Guinness
agency: White Lodge, London
director: Vicky Mather
executive producer: Stephen Whelan
producer: Serena Noorani
DoP: Pete Ellmore
animators: Martin Davies, Melanie Climent
production designer: Marco Restivo
editor: Vanessa Wood @ Speade
post production: The Mill
music: Jean-Marc Petsas
sound Design: Dario Swade