Mucho Burrito launches some spicy advertising.

QSR Mucho Burrito recently launched its first Canadian ad campaign ever, touting its authentic Mexican fare. To compete with the big spenders, it teamed up with Toronto-based Doug & Serge to create some billboard executions that would target young males with some pretty spicy slogans. Take the one above, for example. It reads: “As addictive as crack, but with way more fibre.” Another reads: “From the land of fiestas, siestas and drug lords. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.” We don’t doubt they’ll make an impression, we’re just not sure if it’ll be for the authentic Mexican painted outdoor sign aesthetic.


advertiser: Mucho Burrito
agency: Doug & Serge
CCO: Doug Robinson
CD/AD: Ian Schwey
associate CD/writer: Jason Buback
creative catalyst: Johnny Mucho
president/brand strategist: Mike Welling
account manager: Karelle Steiner