Content is king

OpenText creates a perfect storm of paper.

OpenText is a software firm that’s all about content management. The number of sheets of paper in this spot, crafted for the company by Toronto-based prodco Tendril, gives you an idea of the amount of content that OpenText manages on behalf of its clients. When all the sheets of paper come together in the form of a sphere, well, that’s OpenText putting its clients’ content to work for them. Thank goodness we live in the digital age. Just imagine all the filing cabinets you’d need for all of those sheets of papers. Then, of course, there are the trees.


advertiser: OpenText Corporation
prodco: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
design: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento, Alexandre Torres
executive producer: Kate Bate
producer: Anne Deslauriers
music & sound design: John Black of CypherAudio
editor: Steve Manz
TD & dynamics simulation: Lagoa Technologies
3D animation: Marcin Porebski, Kevin Vriesinga
2D graphics: Andrew Vucko, Leo Mateus
2D animation: Leo Mateus
data FX animation: Andreas Felix Gebhardt
lighting & render: Robert Quinn
render assist: Tom Morrison
compositors: Chris Bahry, Steven Hollman, Robert Quinn